Teaming up with a Sherpa to Climb the Entrepreneurial Mountain

Can You Climb it Alone?

Who Is Your Sherpa?

Sources to Connect with Your Next Sherpa



The Small Business Development Center

Chamber of Commerce

Additional Resources to Find a Sherpa

  • CPA — Every entrepreneur needs a rock solid accountant or CPA. Finding one that you trust plays a critical role in your success. Here is a link that connects those searching for a CPA.
  • Trade Associations — Involve yourself in trade associations. Networking with others within your industry offers tremendous opportunity. Finding like minded individuals who speak your language and share your passion is extremely beneficial.
  • Business Networking Group — Check out local Business Networking Groups in your area. If you struggle to find a helpful group, maybe this is your opportunity to start one yourself. Here is a link the BNI which is a popular Business Networking Group.
  • The Friends & Family Plan — Of course, don’t neglect the friends and family plan. These folks know and love you more than most. Sometimes confiding in someone outside of the business world you knows you intimately on a deep personal level can share insight from a unique perspective.

Wrapping It Up



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