Danger Zone: This Is How We Have Always Done It

Remedies for This is How We Have Always Done It

  • Get Courageously Uncomfortable
  • Niche Down Til It Hurts So Good
  • Venture into the unknown
  • Become the “Right Knee” Guy or Gal
  • Identify weaknesses that need improving immediately
  • Align with experts that can hold your hand through positive change
  • Create new systems and processes
  • Explore new technologies
  • KISS = Keep It Super Simple
  • Tackle challenges with confidence and positive energy
  • Dedicate yourself and your team to a constant state of continuous improvement
  • Open your mind to new ideas
  • Research
  • Listen
  • Stay in the know & in the zone
  • Identify bottlenecks and constraints
  • Connect with a rigorous mentor
  • Find an accountability partner who keeps you on track
  • Take courses online or at local university
  • Find companies in other industries that have accomplished similar goals you seek and discover how they did it
  • Do competitive intelligence on your competition especially if they are using technology and techniques that you covet
  • Finally, tell yourself, “I embrace change, I embrace change…”

Just Keep Moving Forward



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Curt Anderson

Curt Anderson

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