25 Blog Topics for Manufacturers Eager to Start Blogging

  • In particular, as a manufacturer or small business owner, what the heck do you blog about anyway?
  • Does a business truly benefit from blogging?
  • More importantly will blogging connect with new customers?
  • Bottom line, will blogging actually generate sales?
  • Customer engagement
  • Educate customers
  • Inform potential prospects on your company, products and services
  • Convert content from blogs into social media posts

Where to Start?

Blog Topics: Just Start

Blog About What You Know Best

Blog Topics for Your Business

  1. Why you chose entrepreneurship
  2. Explain the benefits of outsourcing the products and services that you offer
  3. Information about your community
  4. Start a blog series on your proprietary products or processes
  5. Reviews on the equipment and tools that you use
  6. Meet the Team: Profile your amazing employees
  7. Case studies
  8. Customer Service Questions — FAQ’s are excellent blog topics
  9. Benefits of Made in USA
  10. Recycling
  11. Safety concerns in your industry
  12. New equipment purchases
  13. Updates or improvements on your website as well as progress with internet marketing
  14. Engineers in your industry
  15. Influencers in your industry
  16. Customer testimonials
  17. Historical figures in your industry
  18. What is (Blank)? — describe the parts that go into your products
  19. Explain how your products are made
  20. Point out industries that use your products
  21. Book Reviews
  22. Videos, Videos, Videos — start creating How-To videos of your expertise as blog posts
  23. Create Guidebooks
  24. Company announcements such as new hires, new efficiencies, new products

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